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Reward Management - Facts and Trends in Europe, by Vartiainen, M., Antoni, C., Baeten, X., Hakonen, N., Lucas, R., Thierry, H. (Eds.)

Category: Psychology/Psychological books
Item number: ISBN 978-3-89967-479-8
Price: 25.00 EUR   (w/o VAT 23.36)
2008, 304 p.

Reward Management - Facts and Trends in Europe covers a wide range of topics and perspectives that will help to understand the status and challenges of rewards systems not only in Europe but also around the world.
This book is an outcome of the First European Reward Management Conference (RMC) held at Brussels December 17 - 18, 2007. The book focuses on reward and compensation in Europe and the challenges ahead. Europe is large and diverse region comprising many states, 27 of which are members of European Union. This results in a variety of compensation, benefit and non-monetary reward practices, about which we know relatively little. Therefore, we need more debate about current issues in reward and compensation, both from a policy and practice perspective.
The book has thirteen chapters covering topics like: wages of young workers in Europe, employee ownership, differences between men's and women's perceptions and attitudes in pay-setting process, innovative compensation schemes, a new instrument (PReSS) to measure employees' satisfaction with psychological rewards, top management's (CEO) remuneration and how it is related to firm performance, the role of the first line manager in pay process, procedural and interactional justice in the performance appraisal process, employee benefits, differences of employees' reward preferences, the role of monetary rewards in innovativeness, and talent management.


Rosemary Lucas:
Contemporary Issues in Minimum Wages in Europe: The Case of Young Workers

Mairead Tracey, David O’Donnell, Peter Cleary:
On ‘Broad-Based Capitalism’, Rewards, Employee Ownership and Performance

Teresia Stråberg, Katharina Näswall, Magnus Sverke:
Gender Equality and the Individualised Pay-Setting Process

François Larmande, Jean-Pierre Ponssard:
Implementation of an EVA® Compensation Scheme

Sara De Gieter, Rein De Cooman, Roland Pepermans, Marc Jegers:
Manage through Rewards, not only through Pay: Establishing the Psychological Reward Satisfaction Scale (PReSS)

Xavier Baeten, Lutgart Van den Berghe:
Performance-Related CEO Remuneration: Towards an Agency-Based Contingency Perspective

Katja Rost, Margit Osterloh:
Management Fashion Pay-for-Performance for CEOs

Elizabeth Neu Morén:
Shaping the Appropriate Employee through Performance-Related Pay The Role of the First Line Manager

Johanna Maaniemi, Anu Hakonen:
The Reasons for and Sources of Employees’ Injustice Experiences in the Performance Appraisal Process

Andrew Robinson, Robert Hudson:
From Fringe to Mainstream? A Portrait of Employee Benefit Provision in Britain

Nick Creaby-Attwood: Rewarding Relationships:
Interactions between Employees’ Reward Preferences and their Relationships with Bargaining Parties

Elina Moisio, Tea Lempiälä:
Invention Rewards and Innovativeness – A Case Study

Stephen Swailes, Kevin Orr:
Talent Management in the UK: Public/Private Sector Differences and Implications for Reward


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