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A Matter of Life: Psychological Theory, Research and Practice, by R. Roth, S. Neil (Eds.)

Category: Psychology/Psychological books
Item number: ISBN 1-59326-043-1
Price: 48.00 EUR   (w/o VAT 44.86)
2001, 560 pages
ISBN 1-59326-043-1 (USA)
ISBN 3-935357-73-7 (Europe)

S.E.S. Neil: Dedication to Prabha Khanna

P. Khanna: Eclectic Existential Psychotherapy

S.E.S. Neil: Opening Ceremony Speech at the 56th Annual Convention of ICP

S.E.S. Neil: Opening Ceremony Speech at the Regional Conference of ICP in Bali, Indonesia

Z. Cowen: Opening Address

F.L. Denmark, E.I. Heitner: Perspectives on Women: Looking Ahead into the Next Century

P. Laungani: Anglicization of Hindu Funerals in England: Its Impact on Ancient Cultural Practices

M. Abbott: Problem Gambling: A Global Overview with Illustrations from Sweden and New Zealand

E. Aidman: Integrating Implicit Representations of Self and Significant Others: Construing or Stereotyping?

A.A. Alao: The Frequency of Discussion on HIV/AIDS Among Adolescents in Botswana

S.K. Baum: If you Knew what you Know Now: Regrets Among Older Adults

L.B. Berends: Culture and Spirituality as Resources for Effective Coping: Perspectives from a Sample of Aboriginal and Dutch Australians

G. Berkove: Children First! Priorities for Sinking Marriages

W. Brewer-Jones: The Impact of Violence on the Media

A.P. Butcher: The Concepts of Human Rights and the Care and Protection of the Mentally Ill

S.C. A. Chang: The Slow Rise of Psychology in Singapore

L. Cherian: Early Science Experiences of Northern-Sotho Speaking South African Pupils and their Attitude Towards Science

V.I. Cherian: Adjustment Problems of University Students

L.-H. Chou: The Effects of Attitude-Treatment Interaction on Children’s Learning Performance in Small-Group Cooperative Learning

P. Chow, N.L. Brenton: The Reliability and Validity of the Beck’s Depression Inventory-II after Adding three Positive Graded Responses

M.C. Chung: Sesternary Victims: Trauma and Personality

A.L. Comunian: The Italian Job Stress Survey (JSS-I): Gender and Culture

A.L. Comunian, U.P. Gielen: An Italian Study of Parental Acceptance and Rejection

K. Conway, G. Russell: The Tyranny of Silence – Couples‘ Experience after Miscarriage

S. Crome, M. McCabe: A Victimological Study of Male and Female Adult Rape: The Impact of Gender on Adjustment and The Therapeutic Process

E. Cunningham: Relationships between Adolescent Self-Reports of Coping Styles and Depressive Syndromes

D. Elton: Hypnosis in the Treatment of Psychoneuroimmunological Conditions

J.A. Fairbairn, J.K. Grainger: The Sustainability of Reducing Heavy Drinkers‘ Consumption through Empowering their Partners

H.G. Fenchel: Can Psychoanalysis Accept Spirituality?

P. Fumai: Areas of Intervention and Principles of Ethical in Act of the Psychologist of Tourism Behavior: An Introductory Contribution

S. Gal: The Intriguing and Sometimes Difficult Process of Working in Um El Fahem as the School Psychologists‘ Supervisor 1995-1998

M.K. Gershenfeld: Women 50-65: The Forgotten Stage of Adult Development

J. Grimwade: Wisdom of Some Elders: The Surviving Psychoanalytic Influences in the Practices of Family Therapists with Original Psychodynamic Training

M. Habicht: Scale for Comparison of Workplace Demands and Abilities of Disabled Persons (SWAD) – For Professional Integration and Development

M.M. Hassan: Validity and Reliability Aspects for the Bruininks-Oseretzky Test of Motor Proficiency Short Form as Applied in the United Arab Emirates Culture

C.C. Hiew: Stress and Health: The Letting Go Response

G.E. Holmes, C.L. Williams, J. Haines: Cognitive Profiles of Acute Stress Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Following Motor Vehicle Accident Trauma

S. Hsieh: A Specific not a Generalized Shifting Deficit in Parkinson’s Disease

B. Johnson: Leadership and Intuition

J.L. Khanna: Transpersonal Psychotherapy – An Innovative Psychotherapy

S. Kobayashi, T. Ogawauchi: Attitude Toward School Counseling System Among Teachers, Students and Parents in Japan

R.Y. Lao, M.C. Hansen, L. Fang: A Cross Cultural Comparison of Coping Styles and Physical Reactions to Stress

L.F. Lowenstein: Another Look at Hostage Taking (Strategies for Dealing with Hostage Takers)

P. Maree, C.P.H. Myburgh, J.C. Kok, R.C. Grobler: The Perception of Adolescents Concerning the School and Identity Formation

R.M. Milgram: Identifying and Enhancing Talent in Israel: A High National Priority

R.K. Montvilo, T.E. Malloy, D.B. Sugarman: A Social Relations Analysis of Interpersonal Perception in Children

F. Naude, G. Lindegger: The Interface of Intrapsychic and Structural Variables in Couples Relationship

S.E.S. Neil: Human Rights Forum: Endangered People and Children World Summit

S.E.S. Neil, R.L.N. Silverberg: When Tragedy Strikes: The Psyche and the Soma

S.E.S. Neil: A Matter of Life after World War II after Tragedy Strikes

L. Niehaus, C.P.H. Myburgh: Role-Playing Factors that Influence African School Principal’s use of Coping Strategies

J.E. Papházy, E.H. Grotberg: Promoting Resilience in Children at Risk for Homelessness

E.D. Pensa: From Senior Psychologist to Junior Psychologist: From Experience to Ideas

L. Perez Schreier: A Successful Mentoring Program for at Risk Hispanic Children and Adolescents

J. Pettifor, K. Horne: Professional Ethics: Social Responsibility or the Status Quo?

B.J. Pillay: Posttraumatic Stress and other Psychological Disorders in Victims of Gross Human Rights Violations

M.E. Pollok, R.J. Parikh, R.C. Chia: How Recruitment Influences Male and Female Prospective Athletes in their Choice of a University?

M. Puklek: Social Anxiety and Cognitive Interference in Students‘ Public Performance

R. Raffaelli: Environmental Psychology and the Representation of Nature

A. Rego, S.L. Arménio: Communication (In)Effectiveness of University Teachers in the Classroom

V.D. Sanua: Reminiscences on my Training as a Clinical Psychologist

V.D. Sanua: Brave New World. The Medicalization of Clinical Psychology in the United States

L. Shand: Psychological/Physiological Symptoms and Treatment of Women at Mid-Life in Australia

T.-C. V. Shen: Processing Chinese Characters: Speech Recoding and Related Issues

L. Sousa, A. Rego: How Motives Relate with Performance in the Degree Course

Y. Takaki: Moral Development in Japanese Culture Using Gibb’s Sociomoral Reflection Measure – Short Form

I.E. Walters: Self-Management in a Changing Career World


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